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StationMD Provides Supports

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Did you know that StationMD doctors receive specialized training in the care of individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD)? Unfortunately, disability specific content is rarely included in most medical school curriculum, resulting in many doctors lacking an understanding of the basic principles of disability health care. Individuals with IDD deserve doctors that have the knowledge, attitude, and competency to deliver effective and compassionate care.

In addition to the specialized training, StationMD’s doctors regularly participate in educational sessions to better understand all aspects of caring for individuals with IDD. This includes lectures from nationally recognized speakers and monthly educational reviews in conjunction with a peer reviewed quality program. Our doctors have participated in thousands of virtual consultations with individuals with IDD. At StationMD, we believe that people with disabilities deserve the best possible care by doctors who understand all their needs.

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StationMD is a healthcare solution that delivers sophisticated medical care through telemedicine, offering immediate access at any time to high-quality, board-certified doctors who are specially trained in the care of individuals with IDD. Through HIPAA compliant two-way video technology, and with the use of Bluetooth medical tools, StationMD physicians can assess individuals in their home setting. They can provide treatment plan recommendations and quality medical care to keep patients safe, healthy and in place whenever possible. Learn more at StationMD.com and follow along via Twitter (@StationMD) and on Facebook and LinkedIn (StationMD).