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Stopgap budget proposal

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This week, Rep. Gene DiGirolamo will introduce a stopgap budget proposal that will fund the entire state budget for four months from July 1, 2015 until October 31, 2015. The funding level will be the same as the state budget for fiscal year 2014/15, for those four months.

RCPA has been advocating for a short-term funding bill as negotiations continue on a final budget.  RCPA is pleased with this proposal, because many of our members are not as financially strong as they were last time the Commonwealth had a late budget, so they are having more difficulties staying solvent. As a result, many individuals who rely on human services programs already may not be receiving the quality services that our members provide.

RCPA is strongly encouraging members to contact their local representatives and encourage her or him to sign onto Rep. DiGirolamo’s co-sponsorship memo, Stopgap Budget Proposal.

Contact Jack Phillips with questions.