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Survey on Barriers to DSPs during COVID-19 Pandemic

RCPA is partnering with the Intellectual Disability/Autism provider associations across the state to gather data to advocate for COVID-19 relief funding.

To advocate for this funding, it is critical that we gather data on barriers that are preventing Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) from working during the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as data on DSP turnover and open position rates. Please take a moment to fill out the surveys below by next Friday, August 21.

Use this link to fill out the COVID-19 Barriers to DSPs Survey to let us know the barriers that are preventing DSPs from working during the pandemic. We are asking everyone (family members, DSPs, individuals, and provider staff) to fill this section out.

Use this link to fill out the COVID-19 Impact on DSP Turnover and Open Positions Survey. This survey asks for the total number of DSPs employed by your organization; the number of open positions; and the number of separations between April and July 2020. This part should have one response per provider organization and most likely should be filled out by the Executive or the HR director.