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Tell Congress It Must Include Disability Supports COVID-19

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ANCOR is issuing a third call to action this week because we just updated our message to Congress about funding supports for people with intellectual / developmental disabilities (I/DD) during the COVID-19 outbreak. The new message reflects greater urgency, given Congressional negotiations that are occurring right now.

The Ask: Please use this updated email action tool to ask Congress to fund disability supports as it negotiates a third COVID-19 package.

The Details: Senate Republican and Democrats are working on competing packages for a third round of COVID-19 funding legislation. Because the negotiations surrounding combining these packages are creating new openings for the needs of people with I/DD to be heard, we are sending Congressional offices a revised message from the one we sent yesterday. This new message further emphasizes how urgently disability supports need funding to ensure the well-being of the people they support during the outbreak. It also expresses disappointment that these supports have not been included in funding packages to date. It is very important that you speak up during this critical time when legislation is being drafted!