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Transition Payments

This communication is intended to provide guidance to all stakeholders who participate in the process of transitioning an individual from Residential Habilitation Service to Supported Living or Lifesharing. Updated information includes instructions for adding procedure codes for transition payments and directions to AEs. The new language is below:

Once a request is approved, ODP will issue communication directly to the Provider, AE, and SC with instructions for adding the transition payments to the individual’s ISP. The communication will contain procedure codes, steps for adding the service to the ISP, and additional instructions for submitting claims.

By signing the transition request form, the AE is indicating they agree that the provider has presented a plan that ensures the individual’s health and safety needs will be meet in the proposed Lifesharing or Supported Living program. A move date does not need to be determined for a signature to be applied, but the AE may use discretion to request more detailed transition information from the provider to assure a reasonable and safe transition plan is in place.