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Tablet on a desk - Questions and Answers

ODP Announcement 21-066 serves to distribute Version 3 of the FAQ document on questions received in regards to Incident Management Bulletin 00-21-02. The FAQ document contains both updates and changes. The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has received multiple questions from stakeholders through email, conversations, and dialogue during trainings, phone calls, etc. A FAQ was developed to answer some of the questions received. This FAQ does not contain all questions received; ODP chose questions that were asked frequently by multiple stakeholders.

ODP expects to continue to receive questions based on the IM Bulletin; therefore, this document will be updated on a routine basis. Stakeholders will be notified when there are additions added to this FAQ. The new questions that were added have a blue background, and any updated answer from a previous question is italicized. The Q and A begins on page three of the announcement.

For questions, please contact your ODP Regional Office or email directly.