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Virtual Training Sessions

ODP Announcement 21-061 announces a full-day virtual training session available for registration in August, September, and October 2021 on Residential ISP Staffing, as described in ODP Announcement 21-057.

The 20 full-day virtual training sessions are geared toward key residential provider and SCO staff who regularly attend team meetings, supervise staff who attend team meetings, or train staff that attend team meetings, and AE staff who review and approve plans. It is expected to be conducted in “mixed” audience groups (Provider, SCO, AE reps and Office of Developmental Programs’ staff) to better assure exposure to a variety of perspectives and roles.

One person per entity is invited to attend to provide a maximum of 30–35 people per session. Participants and their agencies will need to commit to the understanding that, upon completion, they will be a resource at their home agency. The training will be interactive. All training participants must complete the prerequisites located on MyODP on the course registration page.