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There is a request from an RCPA member who is looking to revise some policies and job descriptions for their organization. Please contact Fred Serino, Director of Human Resources at Vista Autism Services, if you are willing to share the following policies/job descriptions from your organization:

  • Inclement weather policy;
  • Evaluation form and process; and/or
  • Job description for Director of QA/QI.

In addition to this request, you can also view and share information, as well as post questions, on the RCPA website under the HR Forum. Please access the online forum under the Human Resources drop-down menu at the top of the RCPA website (note that you must be logged in with your RCPA member website account). If you do not have access, please request access here. Contact Sharon Militello if you have questions concerning the HR forum.

We thank you for your assistance with this request.