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Wage Survey for Direct Support Staff

The ID/A Coalition, along with other provider associations in Pennsylvania who collaborated on the 2018 wage study, is once again asking providers to participate in a survey collecting data from fiscal year 18/19, regarding wages and benefits for staff providing supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism (ID/A). Last year’s study was extremely valuable for our advocacy around the DSP workforce crisis and helped provide the basis of our arguments for wage increases.

This year’s survey will gather information similar to the 2018 survey and will be very important for our FY 20/21 budget advocacy! Please support the efforts of RCPA, MAX, PAR, TPA, The Alliance CSP, The Arc of PA, and UCP of PA by taking the time to complete the survey by Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

The survey can be accessed at this link. Please contact Carol Ferenz if you have any questions.