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Webcast Series

With the publication of Bulletin 00-21-01: Guidance for Human Rights Teams (HRT) and Human Rights Committees (HRC), the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is releasing a four-part webcast series titled Human Rights In Depth. The focus of the webcast series is standards for service provision and requirements for Human Rights Teams and Human Rights Committees as identified in the 55 Pa. Code 6100 Regulations and the Guidance for the Development of Human Rights Teams and Human Rights Committees Bulletin. The content in the webcast series should not be considered as an acceptable alternative to fully reading the complete 6100 Regulations and HRT/HRC Bulletin. This webcast series was designed to support providers in meeting applicable regulatory requirements.

The four webcasts provide detailed discussion of the following topic areas:

  1. Responsibility to Inform and Strategies to Support People in Exercising their Rights
  2. How to Make a Determination
  3. Human Rights Teams
  4. Human Rights Committees

Human Rights In Depth can be accessed at anytime via MyODP. To find the webcasts, go to the MyODP.org homepage and then select Training > Intellectual Disability > Human Rights.