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What is Self-ID

Mid Atlantic ADA Center and Sierra Group

Mid-ATLANTIC ADA Center Features
Janet D. Fiore in Webinar on SELF-ID
Thursday, May 21, 2020


Learning points include:

  • The new SELF-ID Form
  • The Difference between Self-ID and Self-Disclosure
  • How people FEEL about discussing disability
  • The varied needs/opinions of Business, Individuals and VR professionals
  • Tips on How Professionals can work together to drive up the use of the Self-ID form

This Webinar is timely as the new SELF-ID form has just been released!

Webinar is free to attend, a small fee will be required for a CEU certificate.


“This Webinar will debunk the mystery about when and how to discuss disability in the workplace.”
– Janet D. Fiore, CEO of The Sierra Group

For additional professional development training on unconscious bias, disability inclusion and etiquette visit www.thesierragroup.com for all of your Disability and Inclusion needs.