College of Employment Services Updates

College of Employment Services Updates

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The Office of Developmental Programs is pleased to announce the availability of four additional courses in the College of Employment Services (CES).

Employment Services for People with Mental Health Disabilities: In this course we’ll talk about common obstacles facing job seekers with mental health issues, and proven principles and specific skills that can help you support them. In these four lessons, we’ll look at some research-supported ways to help this population succeed in the workforce.

Employment for People with Disabilities and Criminal Histories: Welcome to our course about employment services for people with disabilities and criminal histories. In these two lessons, you will learn about specific strategies that can help you support these job seekers.

Preparing for a Seamless Move from School to Adult Life: In this six part course you’ll learn about strategies and partnerships in schools and communities that support high expectations around work and post-secondary education. You’ll also learn about governmental policies and programs to support employment and post-secondary education.

Ticket to Work: You’ve probably been hearing about the Social Security Ticket to Work program for years. But what is it, and how can it help the job seekers you support? Get an overview of this useful work incentive in this special feature.

If you have questions concerning CES access, please contact the state wide administrator using the following email address and telephone number.
Phone Contact: 866-865-6170

New Organizations:
Olivia Sullivan

Existing Organizations:
Leigh Evans


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