Community Participation Supports Q&A Version 2 Available in ODP Communication

Community Participation Supports Q&A Version 2 Available in ODP Communication

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has released Communication Number 095-18 with updated Questions and Answers regarding the Community Participation Supports (CPS) Service. The first Q&A documentation 066-17 published in June 2017 is now obsolete. This document covers a variety of situations submitted to ODP from providers of service who have been implementing Community Participation Supports (CPS) and encountering questions such as use of SE modifier, billing practices, variances for individuals who will not meet the goal of 25% community time, how CPS differs from other waiver services, transportation issues, and how to calculate the percentage of time in the community.

The concern regarding some providers not meeting the requirement that at least 25% of individuals’ time is spent participating in community activities, excluding variances as averaged over a year’s time, is addressed — ODP will request a plan for coming into compliance from the agency who has not met this requirement. All waiver settings must meet the federal HCBS settings rule standards no later than March 2022. The 25%+ requirement is one of the objective measures in Pennsylvania’s assurances that prevocational and adult training facilities are compliant with the rule.

In total, there are fifty questions addressed in the Question and Answer Document, Version 2 Updated 10/19/18 that will serve as guidance to providers of service. Contact RCPA IDD Division Director Carol Ferenz with questions.


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