HCBS Settings Self-Assessment Status Update 1

HCBS Settings Self-Assessment Status Update 1

The Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Settings Provider Self-Assessment period closed June 12, 2018. As of close of business on that date, ODP received more than 6,150 Residential Self-Assessments (Residential Habilitation, Life Sharing and Family Living) and over 550 Non-Residential Self-Assessments (Community Participation Supports and Day Habilitation).

In March 2018, ODP conducted a data extraction to track service locations for the HCBS Provider Self-Assessments. ODP received a significant number of Self-Assessments for service locations opened after ODP developed that list of service locations. During the Self-Assessment period, ODP also received a significant number of notices from providers that service locations were no longer active.

The next steps in the Self-Assessment process are:

  • Over the next two weeks, ODP will be reviewing all corrected service location data submitted by providers to validate active service locations for which no HCBS Provider Self-Assessment was completed.
  • No later than Saturday, June 30, 2018, ODP will communicate directly with providers regarding any active service location for which ODP does not have an HCBS Provider Self-Assessment on file. After ODP has completed this process, service locations for which ODP has not received a completed self-assessment will be deemed non-compliant and will have an on-site inspection scheduled.
  • ODP is reviewing and analyzing the submitted HCBS Provider Self-Assessments. By September 30, 2018, ODP will provide feedback to providers that identify any areas for any service locations that will require a transition plan. ODP will also notify appropriate Administrative Entities of these findings.

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