Health Risk Screening, Inc., Now IntellectAbility

Health Risk Screening, Inc., Now IntellectAbility

Photo by Markus Winkler from Pexels

Health Risk Screening, Inc. has rebranded and is now known as IntellectAbility. The change in name is to reflect the vast array of resources the company offers to empower support teams, administrators, and clinicians with necessary and proven tools for early risk detection to replace risk with health and wellness.

IntellectAbility develops and distributes the Health Risk Screening Tool, eLearn courses relating to health risk reduction, and person-centered services to supporters of people with I/DD. Health and wellness thrive in the absence of uncertainty, misinformation, and risk for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Understanding this is vital for those entrusted to support people in living lives they love. Visit and bookmark IntellectAbility’s new website at


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