Home and Community Based Services Provider Settings Self-Assessment Update 2

Home and Community Based Services Provider Settings Self-Assessment Update 2

ODP Communication Number 088-18 states that since the HCBS Provider Settings Self-Assessments due date of June 12, 2018, ODP staff have been analyzing and reviewing completed self-assessments.  ODP received over 6,518 HCBS Provider Settings Self-Assessments from Residential Providers, as well as over 676 self-assessments from Non-Residential Providers. ODP appreciates the cooperation of all the providers who have completed the self-assessment by the deadline.

ODP staff have been reaching out to providers that did not complete a self-assessment for an active service location, providers who completed a self-assessment but ODP staff could not match it to a service location, or providers who completed multiple self-assessments for one service location.  ODP previously stated that all providers that completed a self-assessment would receive a report by September 30, 2018 that identifies any areas indicated in the self-assessment that require a transition plan.  Due to amount of outreach and analysis needed, ODP needs additional time to create these reports and will send them to providers by October 31, 2018.

Providers for which ODP has no record of receiving a self-assessment for an active service location were emailed on October 1, 2018 to inform them that an on-site inspection would be scheduled.
scheduled.  This aligns with the latest ODP Announcement, Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Settings Self-Assessment Status Update 1, ODP Communication Number 054-18, which states that service locations for which ODP has not received a completed self-assessment will be deemed non-compliant and will have an on-site inspection scheduled.

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