ODP Community Participation Rate Work Group

ODP Community Participation Rate Work Group

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) recently organized a small work group to develop a “simplified rate structure” for the Community Participation Service. Kristin Ahrens and Rick Smith from ODP met with the representative providers who were invited to participate on this work group earlier this week. The first item of business was to review the Proposed Rate Structure Chart that was originally developed by RCPA’s work group, which met in April and May of this year with the intention to make solid recommendations for improvement in the implementation of this service. The stakeholders that participated in the work group all agreed that this proposed structure would be a great improvement in the method utilized to properly bill for services, and to calculate community percentages. A few representatives of RCPA’s committee presented our proposal to ODP staff in June. We are very pleased that our recommendations have been considered for implementation.

The ODP work group is also reviewing the budget assumptions that were utilized to build the rates for FY 18/19. There are concerns that the assumptions utilized do not accurately represent actual costs realized by providers. It is likely that ODP will be requesting updated information from providers in the near future via a survey, in order to obtain more accurate information, particularly regarding staff salary and benefit expenses.

As ODP works on restructuring the rates, the end result will be expected to be budget neutral. The hope is to have the new plan implemented in July 2019 for fiscal year 19/20. As we learn more about the progress of the work group, we will keep members up to date.

Thank you to all who participated in the RCPA Community Participation Work Group meetings; it is rewarding to see that our efforts have made a positive impact in our system. For more information contact Carol Ferenz, RCPA IDD Division Director.


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