ODP Guidance for Fiscal Year 2019–2020

ODP Guidance for Fiscal Year 2019–2020

ODP Communication 19-030 is intended to provide guidance to AEs, SCOs, SCs, and Direct Service Providers for creating Fiscal Year 2019­–2020 renewal plans.

The following topics are included in the communication:

  • Service Changes for Fiscal Year 2019–2020
    • Community Participation Supports
    • Transportation Trip
    • Homemaker
    • Update to Specialties
    • Supported Employment
    • Advanced Supported Employment
    • Benefits Counseling
  • P/FDS Remaining Individual Cap Exceptions
  • Variance Approvals
  • Consolidated Waiver Fee Schedule Residential Rate Exceptions
  • Transportation Mile
  • Leap Year
  • Systems Issues impacting the FY Renewal
  • FY 2019–2020 Waiver Rate Load Activities
  • Reserve to Encumbrance (R2E)

Attachment #1 outlines the new Community Participation Supports (CPS) Services effective July 1, 2019. Contact Carol Ferenz, RCPA IDD Division Director, with questions.


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