ODP Health Alert: Updated Information on COVID-19 Vaccines

ODP Health Alert: Updated Information on COVID-19 Vaccines

The Office of Developmental Programs has issued a Health Alert to bring awareness of recent information regarding COVID-19 vaccines. Throughout the pandemic, it has been evident that individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism are at increased risk for infection and more severe outcomes from COVID-19. Vaccination for the virus that causes COVID-19 is a vital tool in protecting lives and bringing an end to a pandemic that so far has taken over 633,000 American lives.

An additional dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to help promote continuity immunity from infection, called a “booster dose,” has not yet been recommended by the CDC or FDA. Many news sources have reported that this recommendation will be coming soon. Some news sources have reported the date of September 20, 2021 as the date that booster doses will be available. ODP will continue to share information as it becomes known.

When booster shots are available, you can reach out to the provider who gave your initial vaccine doses as a possible source for the booster shot. Given the anticipated need in the near future for a high volume of vaccinations, Intermediate Care Facility and residential providers who do not have an identified vaccination provider and/or a plan for vaccinating their residents should secure a relationship with a vaccine provider(s) or establish a plan.

Providers that need assistance should contact Doug Trahey. More information on finding vaccine providers in PA is available at PA Unites Against COVID.


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