RCPA Issues Telehealth Legislative Update

RCPA Issues Telehealth Legislative Update

RCPA is pleased to report several successful collaborative efforts this week, including a meeting with DHS, OMHSAS, and a delegation of House and Senate Representatives. We reviewed proposed language for a new bill that would address the 4 walls standard for ongoing telehealth with practitioners not within the 4 walls of a clinic. The bill will also include language previously introduced on the Psychiatric Outpatient Regulatory requirements for the 50% in-office time for clinics and the use of advanced practice professionals to meet those time requirements.

The language for both target areas was approved by all parties and will now move on to the House Human Services Committee. RCPA has a meeting scheduled for early next week to review the finalized version prior to its introduction. We have also met with Senate counterparts to support the measure.

Lastly, RCPA continues its dialogue with OMHSAS for guidance and clarification, including sharing members’ and stakeholders’ feedback. We have had the opportunity to speak with our BH-MCO members and understand OMHSAS Deputy Secretary Jen Smith will be meeting with that group and the county contractors on the processes moving forward.

We are hopeful for an expedited legislative solution that will aid OMHSAS in making any resulting policy, practice, or program changes that will support the initiative. We are extremely encouraged by the system’s efforts and focus this week and will continue to provide key updates to members and stakeholders.

If you have any questions, please contact RCP Policy Director Jim Sharp.