Senate Democrats Announce Committee Assignments

Senate Democrats Announce Committee Assignments

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Today, the Pennsylvania Senate Democratic Caucus released its committee assignments for the 2019–20 legislative session.

The committees listed will have the following members from the Senate Democratic Caucus.

  • Aging & Youth: Maria Collett (Chair), John Sabatina, Jr., Judy Schwank, Christine Tartaglione
  • Agriculture & Rural Affairs: Judy Schwank (Chair), Andrew Dinniman, John Sabatina, Jr., Sharif Street
  • Appropriations: Vincent Hughes (Chair), Judy Schwank (Vice Chair), Jay Costa (Ex Officio), John Blake, Maria Collett, Art Haywood, Daylin Leach, Steve Santarsiero, Sharif Street
  • Banking & Insurance: Sharif Street (Chair), Lisa Boscola, James Brewster, Larry Farnese, Christine Tartaglione
  • Communications & Technology: Steve Santarsiero (Chair), Jay Costa, Tim Kearney, Lindsey Williams
  • Community, Economic & Recreational Development: Larry Farnese (Chair), John Blake, Lisa Boscola, Wayne Fontana, John Sabatina, Jr.
  • Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure: Lisa Boscola (Chair), Maria Collett, Larry Farnese, Steve Santarsiero, John Yudichak
  • Education: Andrew Dinniman (Chair), James Brewster, Daylin Leach, Lindsey Williams
  • Environmental Resources & Energy: John Yudichak (Chair), Andrew Dinniman, Daylin Leach, Anthony Williams
  • Finance: John Blake (Chair), Art Haywood, Vincent Hughes, Katie Muth
  • Game & Fisheries: James Brewster (Chair), Lisa Boscola, Andrew Dinniman, John Yudichak
  • Health & Human Services: Art Haywood (Chair), Katie Muth, Judy Schwank, Sharif Street
  • Intergovernmental Operations: Wayne Fontana (Chair), Art Haywood, Vincent Hughes, Katie Muth
  • Judiciary: Daylin Leach (Chair), Larry Farnese, Art Haywood, John Sabatina, Jr., Steve Santarsiero
  • Labor & Industry: Christine Tartaglione (Chair), Tim Kearney, Lindsey Williams, John Yudichak
  • Law & Justice: James Brewster (Chair), Wayne Fontana, Christine Tartaglione, Anthony Williams
  • Local Government: Tim Kearney (Chair), John Blake, Steve Santarsiero, Judy Schwank
  • Rules & Executive Nominations: Jay Costa (Chair), Lisa Boscola, Larry Farnese, Wayne Fontana, Vincent Hughes, Anthony Williams
  • State Government: Anthony Williams (Chair), Maria Collett, Katie Muth, Lindsey Williams
  • Transportation: John Sabatina, Jr. (Chair), John Blake, James Brewster, Tim Kearney, John Yudichak
  • Urban Affairs & Housing: Katie Muth (Chair), Wayne Fontana, Tim Kearney, Sharif Street
  • Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness: Lindsey Williams (Chair), John Blake, Maria Collett, Andrew Dinniman

Questions, please contact Jack Phillips, RCPA Director of Government Affairs.


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