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Association of People Supporting Employment First

The Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE) has a clear mission to improve employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities. They work to achieve that goal through a variety of activities, including policy and advocacy, professional development, publishing a scholarly journal, and hosting an annual conference.

APSE has launched an exciting new professional development opportunity that APSE that aims to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities. The Emerging Leaders in Employment Services Program is a unique model of professional development that simultaneously invests in the skills development of both mid-level managers and frontline staff working in employment supports. This program will offer 12 months of targeted professional development that is delivered in a blended learning model — that is, a combination of in-person training, online training, supported mentoring, conference participation, as well as an online community of practice. Participants will receive a total of 80 hours or training, coaching, and mentoring over the 12-month period.

In the coming weeks, APSE will launch this program through a series of targeted marketing communications to State VR and DD agencies, as well as provider associations throughout the country. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out directly to Jenny Stonemeier.

The following documents provide information from the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE) regarding the Certified Employment Specialist Professional (CESP) recertification process and the requirements for Continuing Education (CE) credits.

The CESP Certification is valid for a 3-year period, during which time the CESP must demonstrate a commitment to professional development by obtaining 36 CE Credits in order to maintain their certification. One CE credit is equivalent to one hour of clock time (except as noted on the “Requirements for Continuing Education Form”). Documentation which verifies the reported number of CE credits must be submitted with the recertification application. Repeat CE activities/content within the same 3-year recertification cycle will NOT count for credit.

In addition to providing appropriate documentation of 36 CE Credits, the recertification application must be submitted with the recertification fee of $125 paid per 3-year term.

Please refer to the following documents for more detailed information: