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RCPA members are encouraged to participate in the ID/A Workforce Compensation study conducted by and in collaboration with the Center for Healthcare Solutions described below. The Center for Healthcare Solutions performed the survey that we supported last year, as well. This study is being done jointly with several other statewide and regional associations, and we are hoping that providers across Pennsylvania will participate in order to provide adequate data for use in advocacy efforts to improve conditions for our workforce. This also presents an opportunity to have comparative data.

The scope of this survey and the report generated from it will address compensation practices for 46 positions, including Direct Support Professionals (DSP), supports coordinators, frontline supervisors, clinical positions, program specialists, facilities staff, and administrative personnel. It will also provide data on staff vacancies and turnover that continues to impact care and services across Pennsylvania.

Any ID/A employer in Pennsylvania is eligible to participate in the survey and will receive the published report, which will also be provided to the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs. As always, CFHS follows all FTC/DOJ guidelines to de-identify data and maintain confidentiality. If you are a member of multiple associations, you only need to complete the survey once.

Two files are included: the input form and the general instructions for filling out the input form. Completed surveys may be emailed to Steve Forest or uploaded via SFTP (information included in the instructions) by Friday, September 22. The published report is expected to be issued on Friday, October 6.

Additionally, a workshop has been scheduled for Thursday, September 7, at 10:00 am to review the survey and assist participants in its completion. To register for this workshop, please visit here.