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ODP Quality Assessment and Improvement Annual Report

In 2017, the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) redesigned the process for assessing administrative entities, supports coordination organizations, and providers. The redesigned Quality Assessment and Improvement (QA&I) process is intended to better capture the individual’s experience of the system and develop a culture of partnership of continuous quality improvement instead of a singular focus on compliance. The QA&I Annual Statewide Report provides a summary and evaluation of the results of the first set of QA&I reviews of AEs, SCOs, and providers – Cycle 1, Year 1 (C1Y1) sorted by geographic region.

Three focus areas are highlighted by ODP in this report: Assure Effective Communication, Increase Employment, and Improve Quality. The report highlights successes and also opportunities for systemic quality improvement discovered during QA&I reviews in the areas of Person-Centered Planning and Service Delivery; Promoting Self-direction, Choice and Control; Increasing Community Participation; Promoting Health, Wellness and Safety; Supporting People with Complex Needs; Developing and Supporting Qualified Staff; and Ensuring Financial Accountability.

As mentioned in the ODP Announcement #080-18, the QA&I Annual Statewide Report is located online at MyODP.org — QA&I Reports.

Also, a webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm: How is the System Working for People We Support? Results from ODP’s Quality Assessment and Improvement (QA&I) FY 2017-18 Process. ODP staff will provide a high-level overview of the performance data including focus areas like employment, communication, and quality management.

Register online for the How is the System Working for People We Support webinar. Contact Carol Ferenz, RCPA IDD Division Director, with questions.