ISAC June Meeting Information and Materials Now Available

ISAC June Meeting Information and Materials Now Available

The Information Sharing and Advisory Committee (ISAC) met today, June 11, 2024. Deputy Secretary Ahrens presented an update regarding Performance-Based Contracting. The office received comments from approximately 100 commentators, resulting in over 700 separate comments regarding the proposed Selective Contracting Waiver.

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) has released several tools for providers to utilize and has scheduled four summits to delve deeper into the specifics for the performance measures. Providers who do not meet all standards for the Primary category but are not in the conditional status will be placed in the Primary category with a corrective action plan required. Residential provider agreements will not need to be returned to ODP until the end of July, rather than June, as previously stated.

There are several federal rules that have been finalized recently, and Deputy Secretary Ahrens gave an overview of these.

Candi Walton reported on Recommendation #4: Support Families Throughout the Lifespan.

StationMD presented an overview of their services. Geoff Musti can be reached via email for more information.

Lauren House presented information on Recommendation #10: Expanding Housing Options and the ODP Housing Pilot Update.

Dr. Greg Cherpes provided an update on Recommendation #5: Promote Health, Wellness, and Safety & Recommendation, and Recommendation #6: Support People with Complex Need. Note that both recommendations are included in the same document.

For any questions, contact Carol Ferenz.