ODP Issues Community Participation Support ISP FY 18/19 Renewal Template

ODP Issues Community Participation Support ISP FY 18/19 Renewal Template

Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Communication Number 029-18 announces the release of a Community Participation Support (CPS) template to assist in addressing both CPS authorization issues for Fiscal Year 17/18 and CPS authorization needs for FY 18/19 Individual Support Plan (ISP) renewals.

Providers should complete the template for all individuals to whom they provide CPS services. ODP wants to understand the scope of provider concerns about implementation of CPS in FY 17/18 and Individual Support Plans not containing all necessary authorizations for billing purposes. The second issue this template will help address is to provide a communication tool for CPS providers, Supports Coordination Organizations, Supports Coordinators, and Administrative Entities on the CPS FY renewal ISP authorizations that will be needed for each individual who will receive CPS in FY 18/19.

Providers will need to complete a form for each individual they serve, and then send the files for FY 18/19 to SCOs. Providers will also need to send a copy of completed files for FY 17/18 as well as FY 18/19 to ODP. These files need to be submitted to the SCOs and ODP by Friday, April 20, 2018.

This announcement includes a complete description of the responsibilities of the providers, SCOs, and Administrative Entities in this process. It also provides guidance regarding moving units of service between various percentages of time that an individual spends in the community and the ability to do so without the requirement of a team meeting.

To minimize the number of critical revisions necessary to ISPs for the CPS service, SCs may calculate additional units of service for each procedure code in order to provide a cushion (up to approximately 10% over the expected number of units for each procedure code). Total authorizations may not exceed the P/FDS and Community Living Waiver caps or an approved P/FDS individual cap exception.

It is important to note that this ODP communication was re-issued with revised attachments so be sure to use the “revised” version of the template.


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